WordPress is the Most Popular CMS – Here’s Why

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WordPress. There have been many content management systems, I remember starting out on a few web-based platforms to start. For those who don’t know what a CMS is; it is a platform you use to build websites. You get various different CMS with different levels of skill required. Website building has moved away from traditional coding and has, for the most part, become drag and drop. This drops the barrier to entry significantly and allows almost anyone to participate in website design.


So with all the different CMS out there which is the best? Well in our humble opinion WordPress takes the prize quite easily. There are other CMS that are very popular and you should definitely give them all a try before making up your mid. Try the following : Joomla, Wix and Shopify (for e-commerce websites).

Wordpess is Easy to Use

Although probably not the easiest of all CMS wordpress is by no means the most difficult to use either. It requires some steps to install and learn but once you have spent some time on the platform it is very easy to use and extremely flexible. CMS like Joomla is just not as user-friendly as WordPress and also lacks some basic, but major, functionality.

Tons of Plugins

WordPress has the largest library of plugins of any CMS. A plugin is almost like an app. You can add this piece of code to your website to give it added functionality. As the WordPress userbase is so vast it allows you to tap into millions of websites and apps that have been coded for specific projects. If you can dream it, it has been done before by someone on WordPress and there is most likely a plugin available to allow you to do the same. Many of the plugins are free or have free versions. If you have tested the plugin and it works, you can buy a pro version with more functionality.

Tons of Themes

Themes or templates are websites that have already been created which you can then modify to create a new website. WordPress has great themes. Again you have the option of both free and paid themes and quality can vary considerably. Some WordPress themes are amazing and you will definitely find a theme to suit your project or company.

Many Freelancers Available

If you get stuck on a project you can always hire a freelancer. A freelance for WordPress is not expensive as there are so many of them. Finding an wordpress expert is easy and they can usually solve your problem in a relatively short period of time at a very reasonable cost. You will be able to get almost everything done by doing a bit of research. There are tons of free videos and tutorials for WordPress issues. Just Google your problem and the chances are very high that you will find a step-by step solution or a tutorial which solves you problem.

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