Website Design Outsourcing Reaches New Volumes in 2017

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Website Design is no longer what it used to be. Most so-called Design Agencies outsource more than 90% of their work to countries with weak currencies and cheap labour. Additionally, most often the skills in these countries have actually become superior to that other parts of the world due to the high comparative renumeration. This means that website design outsourcing has grown dramatically.

Website Design Outsourcing

Best Countries to Outsource To

There is a general opinion that India is the number one country for outsourcing. This has actually changed over the last 3 years. India has become more expensive as the demand for outsourcing has greatly increased. The other issue is that often the English is not quite the same as in the native country and therefore is a giveaway to clients.

Different countries have different expertise and therefore the new outsourcing trend is to spread different kinds of work across different regions. Here is the list of coutries that specialize in certain skills.


Here South Africa has the upper hand. Strong understanding of the English language and a weak currency makes this a great place to outsource to. You can generally get this for R1 per word ($0.07). Copywriting is most often outsourced to Cape Town, being a traditionally English city.

Website Design

Cheap Website design was traditionally tied to India. More and more people are either using designers in their own country or outsourcing to Eastern Europe, Central and South Africa. Website Design Johannesburg is one of the most popular outsourcing cities. High quality design at the same price as India and Pakistan has become the trademark of Johannesburg. Countries like Estonia and Romania have been known for more complex development. This often, however, requires some editing of content.

Software Development

Here India is still very strong. Software gets outsourced to either India or Eastern Europe. Other parts of the world simply cannot compete on either skill or price. It is amazing how quickly you can have a piece of software developed to your liking.

Business Process Outsourcing (Call Centres)

Here the masters are India and South Africa. The South African government has identified this as a target industry and thus subsidises call centres. This makes for a cheaper option than that of India and additionally South Africa has such a variety of people that you can find agents with virtually and accent or language.

Where to find professionals from other countries.

The traditional sites are still the best place to find these professionals. It sometimes takes a few goes to really find the right fit but you will find them if you keep trying. The websites I am referring to are the following:

There are many more websites for outsourcing or reselling of services such as website design, but these will give you a good start and I know that most people eventually do find their best employees / freelancers on these websites.

Should you outsource? The answer is obvious to me … Absolutely. It allows you to focus on sales and build your sales team rather than spend time trying to manage expensive employees. It often takes some time to get the whole outsourcing engine to “Well Oiled” but it is worth it when you have and allows you to scale your business quickly with a low amount of risk.

Website Design Outsourcing services available from us. If website design outsourcing could benefit your business let us know.

Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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