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  • July 17, 2018
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We are running an experiment in SEO Cape Town. The key here is to rank number one for keywords associated with SEO services Cape Town. As we go through this article we will be taking you step by step through the process. Basically what we have done is get a number, roughly 20, LSI (Latent Sematic Indexing) keywords by using an initial search of SEO Companies in Cape Town.

seo company cape town

The tool we used is called LSI Graph, on a previous project we were able to outrank some serious companies for the keyword “BEE Certificate” with a single page website by employing this strategy. So basically what we do is target a specific keyword that we generally select from the highest impressions we receive on Google Search Console for a specific site. We are currently in July 2018, and below are the rankings we want to improve to pick up our general traffic and also relevancy score as we are a SEO specialist company:

Keyword Number of impressions per Month Ranking
top seo companies in cape town 276 54.7
seo companies in cape town 260 68.8
seo companies cape town 236 100.8
seo company cape town 204 139.2
seo service cape town 161 165.9
cape town seo companies 126 146.9

If some of our grammar seems off, it is partly because of Afrikaans background but we are also placing the LSI keywords around this article and they don’t always fit exactly right. Here is a good example, “seo company south africa” is one of the keywords, I now have to use this in a sentence. It is important for a SEO Company South Africa to understand South African cities and the different stats, especially when it comes to digital marketing business. This does not sound great but remember most people don’t actually read the text, they usually click on the first orange button they see.

SEO Companies Cape Town

Although the Gauteng area dominates in business head quarters you often find that digital marketing gets outsourced to digital marketing companies in Cape Town. As you can see this seems like a badly written article but, from previous experience, it is extremely important to get as many of these keywords in as possible so that Google decides this is the most relevant page to show when someone types best seo companies in Cape Town.

We will continue with the keyword addition later in the article just to get it up to spec. The other two elements that are key is internal liking and external linking. Internal linking refers to links in your article that link to another page on your site as well as links from other pages on your site to this article. So here I am going to link out to an article which is similar to this one titled: Best SEO Company South Africa

Now I will also link from some other articles back to this one and as this article is important for traffic I will have a link directly from the Homepage to this one.

Once we have completed this it is time for external linking. We will be loinking to a site outside this one. It is always good to link to a high authority site that is already trusted by Google and also a relevant site to the topic. As we have been using their seo tool I thought it would be best to link to LSI Graph. If you scroll back you will see I also linked to some other sites including some Google properties. The last, and most difficult, linking is called back-linking. This is where another site, in the same industry and trusted by Google, links back to your article. Now unfortunatley this is my secret sauce and therefore cannot reveal my strategy. You can hop onto Google and search “backlinking” for thousands of free resources.

The two most important things when backlinking is the link itself and the anchor text. Anchor text is the text you use to link eg “click here”. What you want to do is create at least 3 anchors for your main keyword and 1 each for the other 20 x LSI keywords. It is imperritive that you use LSI keywords in your anchors and not just the keyword itself. If you have additional links you can use generic keywords such as click here etc. Don’t use the same anchor too many times as this looks suspicious and unnatural. Rather use key phrases that include the keyword or branded keywords eg Rebrand Digital Marketing Agency Cape Town.

Next add at least 2 images to your article or post and make sure you use 2 of the LSI Keywords as alt text. There is no limit to images, I am just lazy, if you want to use 100 go for it.

Lastly, and before I continue adding the rest of my keywords such as web seo cape town and seo specialist cape town 🙂 , if you are using WordPress there is a hack that could could give you a serious advantage. WordPress tags work differently to that of other sites. You can modify your tag description and it therefore creates a different page for each tag with a different description. This article will be tagged for all the LSI keywords and will therefore have an exacty match every time someone searches any of these keywords.

Latsly before I dive in and find space for the best SEO companies in Cape Town and some of the other keywords I have to mention that article length is extremely important and you have to add at least 1000 words per article. If you follow all these steps you should be able to rank for any keyword in South Africa. Go and search the keywords in the above table and see how we are doing. Remember to find the result for this article, open it and scroll down to the bottom, this will improve the result even further.

Not only looking for SEO company Cape Town, but also SEO agency Cape Town. The key to SEO prices South Africa is to have a look at all the SEO packages South Africa and then make an informed decision. Always remember that there is a huge difference between results that are guaranteed and SEO that is not. If you are looking for cheap SEO South Africa it could do more harm than good to your website.

Keep in mind that a social media agency cape town and other marketing companies in cape town will claim to be able to do your SEO but it is key that you use a SEO specialist Cape Town. Thats it, I have added enough to extract maximum value I believe. The best search engine optimization is where you cannot see it happening but I only had about thirty minutes to write this article. If you are doing your own content strategy and creation try to hide the keywords better than I did. This is purely for expirimental purposes. Thank you for reading, may you destroy your competition !

Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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