Online Business – The New American Dream

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Online business has always been alluring. The idea of doing business without having to deal with people is great … although not entirely accurate. People have moved away from the Forex Market and other “get rich quick” schemes as they have noticed that the only person who gets rich quick is the broker. There is another way, selling products and services online. This market has huge appeal and is more legitimate than the online trading counterparts.

This is especially true for people outside first world countries. The exchange rate creates hug opportunity for experts from 3rd world countries where $1000 a month is a good salary. As this is the case more people are trying to get into this market and it becomes really difficult to tell the quality apart from the rubbish. The only way to really do this is by using the services of a few different services providers before settling on one.

Online Business

Here are 2 Great ideas for Online Business

1. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is where you create an online store with products from another supplier. When a product sells from your store you receive the mark-up and the supplier delivers the product to the client’s door as you. Drop-shipping is great if you don’t have much capital to start with. You can choose items that you like and are interested in and then come up with a marketing strategy to sell these items. Some drop-shipping companies are huge and all they do is sell other people’s products, great option.

Make sure to identify a niche market as it is easier to market specific products. Once you have identified this market search for Drop-shipping suppliers for that product in your country. When you have found suppliers add the product to your website and facebook page and market the product through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, and violah ! You have your own online business.

2. Digital Products

Digital products are products such as software, online courses and e-books. This usually takes some time to develop but once done you can sell the same product 1000 times. This is my favourite type of online store as the returns and profit margin is huge. The downside is that it generally takes a year to develop a quality product to sell.

With these sort of products you will use 2 types of marketing: Pay Per Click Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Pay per Click Marketing

Pay per Click Marketing is paid marketing which is predominantly used with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. This allows you to target a certain audience within a geographical area that are interested in certain keywords. When setup correctly this is a great way to start your sales as it will send quality targeted traffic to your website, to find out how to do this visit Rebrand.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is where you create a high quality website with relevant content that is highly regarded by Google and therefore ranks high in Google results. This allows highly targeted traffic to your website for free. This sounds better than paid marketing right? It is , this however takes a lot longer to achieve. For a good company it takes about 2 years to really rank high enough to create all your sales from organic traffic.


Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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