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With a proper mobile marketing service you would reach a much larger audience than traditional advertising media. As South Africa is a developing country we have sort of by-passed the PC revolution and gone straight into the Smart Phone revolution it allows us to use Mobile Marketing better than traditional marketing. So how do we laser target our specific audience? Well it’s easier than most people think, here are 3 ways to target your customers :

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Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook Ads are great for “fishing” , if you have a product which can be sold to people with access cash this is the platform for you. Facebook allows you to tell people what they want. This is the major advantage Facebook has over Google. If you have a super cool product and want to make people aware of it then you will get the best results from Facebook. Facebook is almost like a storefront in a busy Mall, it is where you place your best deals and most desirable products to lure the customer in. It is for customers with money but without knowing what they want to spend it on.

Facebook allows you to set your target audience. e.g. If you are selling a pair of super cool high heel shoes, you would probably want to target Females in your area (eg Johannesburg) between the ages of 18 – 45. This allows you not to waste advertise spend on people who don’t fall within your target market. Additionally, you can target factors such as Job Title, Industry etc. It is still advisable to do your first ad through an agency. After having done your first ad you can just modify it to your needs and don’t need much help. Facebook is great for mobile marketing as you can choose to only display ads on cellphones and tablets and not PCs. If you only want to target mobile users you can.

Google Adwords for Mobile

So what’s the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Which is better for mobile advertising and why? Well as mentioned Facebook is targeted to people who don’t know they want your product but will probably buy it. Google is for people who know what they want but don’t know where to find it. Let’s look at an example : I just visited my friend in the US and he had a great new gadget which charges a phone with kinetic energy. I get back to SA and want to find a store which sells it. What do I do? Yes, I Google it ! Here is where Google has it’s advantage. If you know you what you want to buy and find a store that sells it, that store is very likely to make a sale. This means that Google usually attracts warmer leads than Facebook but is limited to people who already know which product they want to buy.

Just like Facebook Google is geared towards Mobile Users, this means that you don’t have to do much or understand Google Adwords intimately. I will again advise you to use an agency when setting up your first campaign – Rebrand Studio can help you with this. Once setup you can play around with different settings and audience preferences. This is really not difficult to do and you most certainly can do it yourself.

SMS as a Mobile Marketing Service

If you have a client database with mobile numbers you could use SMS to advertise your products. It is extremely important that you understand the laws around the use of private information before going ahead with this method. Although the POPI (Protection of Personal Information ) Act, click here for more info, has not yet been implemented it would be wise to adhere to it’s guidelines. You do not want to contact clients which have not given you permission to do so as this will cause a lot of headaches.

If you do have permission to contact the client you will need to use a professional mobile marketing service to setup the message and several technical requirements where after you can blast your sms to all your clients. It is important to note that the SMS approach usually gives a conversion rate (contact to lead) of about 0.4%. To be honest I am not a huge fan of this method as it has the lowest Return on Investment ratios of all 3 methods.


Looking to do Mobile Marketing and not sure which option to choose? Lets simplify. Is your product something a lot of people search for? If yes use Google if No use Facebook … easy !

If you would like to use a professional Mobile Marketing Service use Rebrand Studio. Offices in Rivonia and Johannesburg CBD.

Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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