Easy ways to get your Business a Global Platform.

  • September 22, 2017
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Insightful Tips to Getting Your Business Going Global

Global businesses are quite a force to reckon. As outsiders, everybody respects and looks at them as a role model. The likes such as IBM, Shell and much more are seen as global giants and could make more businesses want to venture on a more global perspective. However, before you make such a move, it is always wise to identify the possible challenges that could arise with expanding your business to a more international move.

Being a business with such global plans, you need to analyze the market of the particular location you intend to do business. Expanding globally is a way of making your business widely known and expanding the business dimensions.

So how do you get your business known globally? Below are some of the few pointers on how you can grow your business.

Business Plan

business plan

Come up with a comprehensive business plan to help you penetrate the international trade market. This particular business plan will outline how you plan to venture the global scene and what the target market will be. Be on the lookout on what strategy you will use to determine different prices. Identify the different sales channels you will use.

Check the Customer Base

Before expanding to other countries, identify the specific ones you intend to venture into. Once you have identified, get to see if the same appeal in your country is the same as the country you plan to do set up your business. Ensure your customers exist and find out if they would be willing to buy a certain product at a particular quoted price. Understand the development level of the country and know how to price your packages.

Available Resources

available resources

Sometimes, as a business owner, you may want to expand your business, but you don’t have adequate resources to facilitate the expansion plans. Sometimes, companies develop without the necessary workforce which reduces the life span of the business and may end up failing. Have the needed financial resources to cover your overseas activities. Ensure that you have a strong team backing you up and being on the same page towards the expansion.

If you are at the initial founding stage of your business, go for the cheaper option, you can take help of E-commerce website builders that will help you on cost-cutting for setting up your online business. You may even utilize resources available on the internet that can help you maintain a healthy budget. There are several websites available in the market that can help you with the photographs which you can add to the website for free. This could help to display your business motive loud and clear.


If you intend to have a physical business location overseas, then having employees who understand the native language is a plus. No client wants to purchase from a company that can’t communicate to them with their language. This is one of the ways that could make your business globally successful. Another way of ensuring your business thrives on a global perspective is ensuring that your company respects different cultural differences. Identify ways in which people interact and communicate to be on a safer side and ensuring that they get to accept the services you provide.


One of the major issues to look out for when considering doing business overseas is the fact that the tax regulations are different globally. Hence, find out the charges and procedures involved towards doing business in a particular business. Notably, business in one country does not move at the same pace as the rest of the countries, therefore, it is important to put that in mind while considering setting up a work station there. Different countries have different packaging styles and standards. Consider that while working on your products and services.



Getting the right partners is the key to your business expansion plans and ensuring that your business succeeds. If possible, get a partner who has international ties who can influence people into considering your business venture. Also, somebody who has experience in your field could help you in achieving your set long-term goals set towards the achievement of the firm.

The partner you decide on will be your ambassador and the secret towards entry into the international business. Find somebody who can be highly beneficial to your overseas business.

One interesting aspect of trading globally is that you can introduce e-commerce for the business and realize online sales. Today, people have embraced the idea of buying and selling items online. Below are some of the ways e-commerce helps increase your sales revenue.


One biggest advantage of e-commerce is that it is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Most especially if you have decided to go global, you don’t have to set up a physical location in every country you intend to do business with. Having an online platform where people get to access your products easily is much easier. This is so because people can order online and arrange for the shipping.

Cost Efficient

The maintenance of a physical business can be sometimes quite a challenge especially overseas. Having an online store is very profitable because all operations are online and there is no headache of getting a physical location. Adequate advertising goes a long way in ensuring that more people know about your store and make purchases. If you are trying to minimize costs, set up an online store where people can order with just one click.

Online Presence Increment

Most people have access to the internet. Establishing a social media and the necessary links that will direct people to your website could help increase traffic which could translate to more sales. Create a social media page and get ways to attract more followers by offering incentives like discounts for every referral they bring in to the page. The number of people who have access to social media is relatively high hence, marketing your products through such forums will help grow your business in a more international aspect.

Adding a check in will help people locate your business easily. Ensure that you are listed with Google so that when people search your business, they are able to access it.

Expanding globally is a wonderful step which needs to have a clearly structured plan and a fall back plan in case it doesn’t work out. Always project the profit margin and see if the firm is ready for the expansion. Global markets are able to compete in an international perspective. It is a great opportunity to learn more and get to understand different cultural diversities and how they link towards the success of the business.

Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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