Best Website Design Johannesburg – Should you do it yourself?

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Best Website Design Johannesburg. Like most business ventures the answer to the question is quite simple. It depends on your goal. If you are creating a website for an event or special project there is no reason why you cannot design a great website to serve that purpose. If however you need a website for a serious business there are many factors to consider before deciding that you do not need a web designer.

Perception created by a Website

When it comes to a website it is usually the first interaction a potential client has with your business. If you have a well designed, user-friendly website, the client will immediately perceive you business to be professional and well run. If on the other hand your website seems sluggish and poorly designed the chances are that the potential client will look for other options. I recently experienced this when doing an office makeover. I googled “office designers johannesburg” and this lead me to a list of 5 companies. I chose the company solely because of their clean and modern website which was the sort of design I was looking for in my office.

Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t understand how Search Engine Optimization ( getting high rankings in google ) works from a structural perspective then chances are you may create a website with a thousand pages with errors that lead to low rankings. Although this is by no means guaranteed to be done properly by a professional web designer, it is more likely to be considered when dealing with a website agency.

Copyright Infringements

We find ourselves in an age where intellectual property is extremely important. You may find that if you do not fully understand copyrights and IP that you unintetionally are on the wrong side of the law. This may not affect you immediately but could come back to bite you in the future. If you do decide to design your own website make sure you understand the laws and purchase all images that you display on your website.

Best Website Design Johannesburg Cost

As a website is not a pair of shoes it is difficult to give a price range. The complexity and size of the website would influence the price considerably. Website design Johannesburg can cost from R1500 to R150,000 but for a standard 5 page website, when using a good web designer you should look at spending in the range of R15000. You would be able to get it a lot cheaper but this is generally what a decent website designer in Johannesburg would charge for a professional website.

Website Hosting

Keep in mind that website hosting is a long term commitment. It may not seem that important at the time but it can become a real issue if you have to transfer your website files and email accounts to a new hosting provider. Website hosting Johannesburg – you have many options but choose a local company that can assist you when anything goes wrong.

So in conclusion, yes you can design your own website if it is for a temporary project. If you have a business, get it done properly the first time, this will save you a lot of money in the future.

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