Article Spinning | Tempting, but DON’T do it !

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Article spinning is a process of using an old (often other person’s) article and “spinning” (using synonyms or similar phrases) the content to give it the appearance of an original article. This seems like a great idea for creating tons of content for your site in no time right? Wrong ! It is stealing. You are adding nothing to the world wide web and worse, you are not learning anything. One of the greatest aspects of creating your own content is that you learn a lot while doing it.

Google Hates Article Spinners

Although Google’s Algorithm cannot always identify spun content, they are getting closer and closer. Be assured, if Googles algo picks up spun content on your website you WILL be penalized. Is it worth it? No, it is not! Article spinning is super unethical, learn how to write and create original high-quality content. It is great to get the creative juices flowing and there will come a day where Google is able to eliminate spun articles.

Article Spinning for Back-links

Some people think it is ok to spin articles for guest blog posts. It is still much better to write original articles on other blogs, especially keeping in mind that you may cause the other site a penalty if Google picks up on the spun content. So even in this scenario it is not a good idea to spin articles. It is easy to forget that there is a direct connection between that article and your website … in the link, this means Google will potentially be able to track this “badly-written” article back to your site and penalize you too.

The System will Eventually Catch You

You may be able to beat the system ie Google’s Algo, in it’s current form, but don’t forget that Google updates their Algo daily. This means that if you do something that is wrong now and Google picks it up in 6 Months time you will still be penalized. You will never get the situation ” I got away with it”. Google applies it’s rules to ALL your content, recent and old.

How you should approach Content Writing

Don’t try and beat Google’s Algo, there is too much change happening in every update to stay ahead. Rather focus on your users. Create original content that your users would like to read. Focusing on your user will create natural links and targeted traffic. There is no good quick SEO Hack that will get you to the first page and keep you there within a very short period of time. It is a process of building your content and website up to a point where everyone sees the value, not only Google.

If you are unsure of how to go about creating great content you can read our article : Content Creation – 5 Tips for Newbies

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