Web Design Johannesburg – 5 Tips for finding the right fit.

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Web Design Johannesburg – There are a lot of companies competing for your business, how do you know which is the best? We have come up with a checklist that should help you decide who to go for. I hope this helps.


Search for Web Design Johannesburg on Google

Yes I know this is obvious, but search for the term and look at 2 things: 1. The Ads 2. The Organic results. If you are not sure what these are please refer to the article ; SEO Johannesburg – Crucial for Marketing Success Once you have found at least 10, contact them all. Make sure to leave a correct phone number. Only consider the companies that phone you back within 2 hours of the request. Email responses could be automatic. If people don’t want to communicate with you at the beginning of the process, it certainly won’t get better later on.

Ask for 5 references from each Company

Once you have filtered the list ( you will probably only have 3 companies left – or less because of pricing ) you should ask them to provide at least 5 websites that they have created recently. You will immediately be able to see the quality of their work and whether they are a fit for you or not. Make sure to follow up on references !!! Yes, people lie, that should not surprise you anymore. Contact the website owner through the “contact us”page and confirm whether the website was indeed designed by the company claiming it. This also gives you the opportunity to ask the website owner for a honest review of the web designer.

Negotiate – This is Important

Most large web agencies have some “meat” built into their prices. Simply asking for a discount could often save you 10% just there and then. If the person who you are talking to is unable to negotiate price it means you are most definitely talking to the wrong person. Ask to speak to someone who would be able to determine a better price. If you cannot get to that person, move on, the company is to big and doesn’t care about your project. You will probably end up getting a vanilla site that serves the purpose but doesn’t really feel like what you asked for.

Make sure what the package includes

A web design company has access to a lot of “cheap” services including : email creation, logo creation and free hosting. Request them to add this on at the same price. Some may say no to the logo but with some persuasion most will say yes. Web Design Johannesburg is a very competitive industry. No company wants to lose work to the competition and will therefore give you a lot of extras if you just ask …. so just ask !

Face to Face Meeting

I already know that Rebrand Studio is one of the only web design companies in Johannesburg that is always willing to meet face to face, so this point is a bit biased. If you meet with a web designer face to face you can communicate so much more than through email correspondence. We have been amazed at how face to face meetings improve the client experience and saves time. We have much less change requests and have a happy client base. Some companies try and save travel costs by cutting this part out of the process but we believe it is a crucial part of web design.

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Timo van Deventer is a SEO Expert in Johannesburg. He owns major ecommerce websites and businesses across the world in various industries. In 2016 TImo helped over 200 business rank on the first page of Google.

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