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Online Marketing South Africa – What you should know.

When it comes to online marketing in South Africa, it mimics practices and trends from the rest of the world, especially the UK and USA. Like all other business however it does have a unique flavour to it and there are tips and tricks which are unique to the South African digital marketing environment. In this article I will try and summarize the different aspects of online marketing in South Africa with specific focus on online marketing companies in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is the center of business in South Africa but it is unique in itself. Comparing it to the online marketing companies in Cape Town, these are probably at the forefront of digital marketing in South Africa, they do operate slightly differently than the digital marketing companies in Johannesburg as the face to face meeting is often removed

Lets break down online marketing into 5 areas of expertise :

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Website Design
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization
  6. Pay per Click Marketing ( Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & LinkedIn Marketing)
  7. Email Marketing

Social Media Management Johannesburg

social media marketing johannesburg
Social Media Management is the process of a 3rd Party managing your social media accounts on your behalf. The great benefit to this is that it opens up your time to focus on your business AND there is an expert keeping your social media up to date.
The social media manager often uses tools to help with posting schedule etc. One of the most popular tools used by social media professionals is called Buffer. This tools allows you to create many posts at once and then set a schedule of when to post the different articles to various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This helps in structuring posts in an efficient way to generate leads from social media campaigns. There are great social media management companies in South Africa and you should definitely give this a shot as a lead generation experiment.

Social Media Marketing Johannesburg

Not to be confused with Social Media Management but often a part thereof. The sole purpose of Social Media Marketing in South Africa is to create as many leads as possible. Social Media Management also includes engagement and support, this is not present in social media marketing. You can generate leads from pay per click campaigns but also from using free strategies to draw customers to your page and ultimately website.

An example of this is LinkedIn Marketing in South Africa. The process of getting leads through linkedin involves inviting employees of companies you see as potential clients to your profile. Once someone has accepted your invite you can message them on the LinkedIn platform and either pitch them a product or invite them to an event etc. More and more companies use LinkedIn in South Africa as a part of their networking and new business acquisition. This is definitely an option to look at if you are a B2B company as you can search for people from a specific region / company / city and introduce yourself for free. It is like having a major networking event without having to leave your home.

Website Design Johannesburg

  Website Design Johannesburg

Website design in Johannesburg has grown over the last few years, not only thanks to the digital revolution but also because South Africa has become one of the major outsourcing centres of the World. Johannesburg website designers are very skilled and often create websites for people in first world countries like the United Stated, United Kingdom and Australia.
The best website design companies in South Africa usually have an international client base that contributes over 80% of their annual income. As South Africa has a weak currency it allows for services that seem cheap to international clients combined with skills that are on par. This makes for a win-win scenario in the web design industry in South Africa.

Every month brings more and more web design companies in South Africa, with the introduction of CMS (Content Management System) Platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla it has allowed for more participation in web design. You no longer need to be a professional coder to becom a web designer in Johannesburg, you simply have to learn how to use the CMS platforms. This can be done by completing a free website design course online and after that practice makes perfect.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Johannesburg

 seo johannesburg

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website or web page in-order to look “valuable” in the eyes of search engines and in turn rank you higher in search results.  There are a few SEO Companies in Johannesburg but they are not all equal. SEO is a science that requires a deep understanding of search engine algorithms. SEO professionals look at various factors when optimizing a website with the ultimate goal of ranking on the first page of Google.

On-site Optimization

This includes all elements that are found on the website such as content, images, page & menu structure, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions etc. Performance ie Website Loading Speed also plays a role in the on-site SEO. The importance of a blog for on-site seo is undeniable and if not present an seo expert will create a blog for you. Content marketing Johannesburg has become a sort of a buzz word in the industry and that requires a blog to execute the strategy successfully. Copywriters in Johannesburg or content creators have become highly sort after as the site with the best content is often the site that is ranked the highest on Google.

Off-Site Optimization

The largest part of Off-site SEO is a link-building strategy. This involves getting other websites, relevant to your industry and highly regarded, to link back to your website from their web pages. The most common way of doing this is guest posting or guest blogging. You would write a blog post with valuable information on their website and in return you would add one or two links to that post that link back to your website. Google uses this to determine the value of information on your website. If many highly-regarded websites are linking back to you then obviously, you have good valuable content on your website which would be relevant to people when searching for certain topics in Google.

Another process which is used for both on and off-site SEO is competitor research. With so many tools available on the internet it is easy to see exactly what your competitors are doing in terms of Search Engine Optimization and even Pay per Click Advertising. Competitor analysis reveals tricks that work and more importantly marketing and advertising strategies that don’t work. Let your competition make the mistakes and then you learn out of them.

Conversion Rate Optimization Johannesburg

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing your website to generate more leads from traffic. There is nothing more frustrating than getting tons of traffic to your website but not being able to make money out of it. Conversion rate optimization would entail creating “lures” for visitors to enter their information. These are referred to as Lead Magnets. Have you ever gone onto a website and been offered a “free” e-book in return for adding your email address? Then you have come across a lead magnet.

The process is quite simple. A professional digital marketer looks at your site and then adds the elements that increase conversions from traffic to leads. The elements used are call to action buttons or images, Pop-ups or Pop-overs and Lead Magnets. Once a lead has been captures it makes its way into a sales funnels which includes email marketing and other sales tactics.

Pay Per Click Marketing Johannesburg

Pay per click marketing is self-descriptive. You post an ad on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn and every time someone clicks on the ad you pay a pre-agreed to amount. This is great for when your website has a good conversion ratio. If your website is setup correctly you will get a ton of good leads through using pay per click advertising.  We generally only use 3 PPC Marketing platforms in South Africa namely: Google Adwords (Google Advertising), Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Marketing.

Google Adwords South Africa

Google gives great results due to the stage where the prospective client is in when finding you on Google. When you are looking for a product or service you do not know where to find, what do you do? You Google it. This means that people who see your ad on Google are already looking for your product or service which makes this the highest converting PPC Platform. The ads are place at the top and sides of the search result pages and only show up when someone searches for a keyword you have entered in your setup. Relevant ads to relevant clients = Great Results.

Facebook Ads South Africa

Facebook Ads are great for advertising events and products that appeal to a large number of people. It is sort of a fishing expedition. Throw it onto pre-defined audience’s Facebook page and if you hit you get great results. You are presenting clients with a product they did not know they wanted but if done right, really want to have after seeing it. You can sort of compare it to a shop window. When people walk past and see something intriguing they come into your shop and buy that or other products.

LinkedIn Marketing South Africa

Marketing for Business to Business or B2B as it is better known. LinkedIn Marketing can connect you to CEOs and other decision makers. This is vital for B2B companies as Facebook and sometime Google marketing proves ineffective to reach decision makers. The concept is the same. You set an ad and if someone clicks you pay a pre-defined amount. LinkedIn Marketing has proven successful on some of our campaigns and failed dismally in others.

Email Marketing Johannesburg

Email marketing has been around for quite a while now. Many people cringe at the thought of sending spammy emails to people to get business. The email marketing industry has evolved and it now ties into the conversion of web traffic. Once, and only once, a prospective client has opted to leave their details on your site AND agreed to receive newsletters, you can start an automatic email marketing campaign known as an autoresponder.

This is a series of emails that informs your client about your product and services with the end goal being a sale. This is sort of a soft sell. It allows the client to become familiar with your product and expertise and allows for a build up of trust. Once the client is ready they buy your product. There are many sales and psychology tactics used in email marketing and if implemented correctly can really boost sales without increasing man power.

That is our summary of online marketing services in South Africa. Have a look at our product offerings and feel free to contact us at any time. Our biggest strengths are SEO and CRO and we see ourselves as the best seo company in South Africa. Thank you, speak soon!


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